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Soft Services

Mayuri comprehensive range of soft services can be perfectly customized to your needs and business services to help you focus on your core activities. Our professional team, sophisticated back up plan, is well known for reputation, reliability to enhance service levels and ensure that you are able to benefit from a clean and well-groomed environment. Further to our transparent way of operating, we ensure that you are absolutely benefitted at every step. High quality service-with- a-smile is our motto and we cut across all service demarcations to exceed expectations and deliver value.

We offer end-to-end soft services, including housekeeping, cafeteria management, fa├žade cleaning, business support functions like mailrooms, front offices, help desks, concierges and pantries. Delivering superior service using the right mix of manpower and machines is our key focus.

Special services

A large number of cleaning equipment and gadgets are managed by trained personnel to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. We use ride-on sweepers and mechanized cleaning processes for floors, rooms, surfaces and restrooms. To ensure the overall safety and hygiene of park users, we use eco- friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions for all surfaces.

Benefits of services

We offer a fresh viewpoint to the typical services.

We are an external body who possess the right knowledge and experience to deliver soft services.

Additional services will be provided and will be cost-effective than the internal team.

Our team comprises skilled personnel in various range of requirements.

To keep our clients happy with our creative and healthy
menu offerings and better service level

Service Details
Service Details